Personal projects

Here are some of my projects I did or am doing during my personal time.

Nuclear Voxathrone

Clone of Vlambeer’s Nuclear Throne in development in Voxatron.


A Pico-8 story-driven project.


The most developped iteration of a RPG idea done in Haxeflixel.


A game engine first developped for a RPG that ran as well on PC as on calculator and more. Done in C++.

Game jams

Here are some games I did for various game jams.


Pico-8 Advent Project 2018 entry.

Fight for the Mike!

Ludum Dare 41 entry


“Nuclear Atomic Plant Attack Laser Monster”. An ENJAM submission.

School Projects

Here are the projects I did as part of my school course.

Wind Guardians

ENJMIN second year school project. Done in Unreal Engine 4.


ENJMIN first year school project. Done in Unity.